We sincerely welcome friends from all parts of world to the HUNAU, either to study, work, visit or participate in cultural and academic exchanges.

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Contact Us

Table 1: Contact Principal
Contact Principal  
Email of hunau.net principal@hunau.net
Email of hunau.edu.cn principal@hunau.edu.cn
Telephone 086-0731-4618001
Fax 086-0731-4611473

Table 2: Schoolmates'Bureau
Telephone 086-0731-4617091
Telephone 086-0731-4617876
website www.hunau.net
email Schoolmates@hunau.net

Table 3: International Communication Department(ICD)
Telephone 086-0731-4617963
Telephone 086-0731-4618060
Telephone 086-0731-4618784
Fax 086-0731-4612870

How to mail to Hunan Agricultural University? Write the address.

Hunan Agricultural University
Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
P.R.China 410128